Working with Successful Women and Men who have experienced a breakup or divorce Transform their Pain into Purpose!

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Neicy Squire Transforms And Inspires

Transformation Speaker/ Life Coach and Author Neicy Carla Squire, delivers energy, empowerment and inspiration when she speaks. She is the mother of 5 children and 8 grandchildren. Neicy passionately shares her story about getting back up from one loss after another, surviving and thriving from an abusive marriage, almost being killed, losing her self-esteem, and feeling like there was  no hope for her life, to teach others how to Win in the midst of chaos.

After leaving her abusive marriage, living in a Battered Women’s Shelter she became a Crisis Counselor Social Worker and did that for a number of years.  Neicy has taught and helped so many individuals transform their mindsets and attitudes into becoming empowered to Live the life they were created to live.

She went on to become the Founder and CEO of Envision Your Success LLC. Neicy began speaking at Women’s programs, Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers, Youth programs and High schools, empowering them on how to unleash their personal power despite their experiences or mistakes they have made. 

Today Neicy works with successful men and women who have experienced a breakup or divorce learn how to Reinvent their lives, from devastated to Phenomenal.

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I’m here to show you how to Live Your Purpose. This is your time Now. Your life has many facets to it, so its never to late. It's your time to Embrace your new world and be laser focused on the next chapter of you life which will prove to be well worth it.

Come with me and let's Explore, Emerge and Evolve. Relationship loss Doesn’t mean your life is over. This is your time to shine! This is your time to Reinvent your life.

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